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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Didn't see this answer, Barkingdog, sorry. I can sympathise with your family members who are asthmatic. It is particularly bad for me on cold mornings or cold evenings when I have to feed ponies and sheep.
Thought I'd put up a photo which shows how chunky young Roo is now. And his new bestest toy. The ball has two silly feet on it but they are good seeing he picks it up often by them.
Oh, I haven't had Gemma put down. I took her to a vet today and he thinks she can have some more time if I put her on Metacam. So that's good news.
I would loves to know what Roo is thinking of in the first 2 photos , I think he thinking "I hope this is my good side. He looks so sure of himself .
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