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Knew you'd laugh, Hazel. It's still too cold for my asthma to cope with. Got up really wheezing this morning because there was a fog. Roo loves it, he's as tough as an old boot. I find he still plays in his water bowl no matter how cold it gets and he loves rolling on wet grass. The breed does well in your cold countries, apparently they go nuts in the snow. Hey, saw a great collar that would so suit the little devil. Lime green(his colour) with Terrorist written on it in black. The shelties do believe he's a doggy terrorist, they won't go out the side for me now if he is there, I have to shift Roo and Jarrah out to the front first. And all he is doing is running frantically from sheltie to sheltie saying "Love me! Love me. Play with me!", grovelling in front of them. Can't get the collar incidentally, it's in Denmark and language is the barrier.
DD, are you saying your summer day is only going to be 17C? What is your highest temp. usually? I take it you don't get up to 45C? If you say no I'm coming to live there.
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