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I've been watching this on the news too. Crazy stuff, lots of finger pointing going on as to why the bridge wasn't inspected after the flood before the trains were allowed back on it. DUH, yeah! Glad they got it all sorted out safely though. It would have been horrible if that stuff had gotten into the river. I think it will be some time though before life is back to "normal" in Alberta!

Saw a story on the news about the zoo, and all the mud they had there. Six feet of water. They said they lost a couple of peacocks and several of their tropical fish. I had to almost giggle at the thought that the fish were the ones that suffered the most from the water - that just doesn't sound right does it! I realize that the ones they lost were tropical type fish I guess and the different water (salt/non-salt) and the cold flood water would kill many, but it just seemed odd.
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