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Yay, you're all right of course, it is a Cuz. Are they made in America? So far I like it better than the Kongs. It has the added allure of the squeaker and those chewy feet, and is softer. Jarrah would like to play with it but he's firmly into the 'What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too ' phase, which includes yours truly , she is not allowed near me for a pat. I'm his person, and that's that! I might look for another Cuz for Jarrah.
Barkingdog, what else can I say but a big 'Duh!'. I didn't even think of using a scarf. Thanks for mentioning that, it'll be on the shopping list for sure. I am positive it'll help. We are having a particularly cold Winter - and yeah, I know, not like yours - in the past my asthma only ever appeared if I had the flu. Now it's every cold day.
I'm very relieved about Gemma, and it's liquid you just put on their food, thank heavens, not pills. Mind you, since I started putting their pills in minced beef they all line up waiting for them. I don't think Gemma will make her 14th birthday, praying that I'm wrong though.
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