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CsqU4r3d, it's concrete and very heavy. I have 3 others, a couple that are plain and simple but they are easily knocked over, so I liked this one for the width of the base. The top is nice, not a scooped out bowl type, the sides are vertical and the bottom is flat. Might be wrong but I think little birds might cope with that better. I will be going back, when I can afford it, to buy a statue, life size, of a cattle dog, and I have asked my sister(an artist) to paint the tan markings on it for me. LOL. DD, the bees here seem to favor one side of the horse troughs. It's like the ponies and bees respect each other's space and won't use the other critter's trough.
Oh, the guy suggested a bird bath that actually had a bird sitting on it but the bird was a KOOKABURRA, which are predatory, so no smaller bird would ever go near such a bird bath. LOL.
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