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Originally Posted by CsqU4r3d View Post
There are 4 cars full of petroleum distillate (There are three classes of distillate products:
Light: Liquid Petroleum Gas(LPG), gasoline, and naptha.
Medium: Kerosene (and jet fuel) and diesel.
Heavy/Residuum: Heavy fuel/bunker fuel, wax, and asphalt),The situation has stabilized somewhat in that the bridge hasn't dropped any further. Next phase will be to pump out the endangered cars and transfer the cargo to waiting rail cars on an adjacent bridge. When they do that the situation is at it's most volatile for potential explosion. I have all my and the crew's important stuff in a go bag. Just hope the crap doesn't get in the Bow River...
That would be tragic if the crap got into Bow River. I hope there will be no explosion. Be safe .
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