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Originally Posted by marko View Post
(I confess to not opening the link)
The saddest part is that so many life saving human drugs have been developed via these types of tests, even though the tests sicken us to the Nth degree.
It's a tug of war with personal ethics on this one...though as a pet lover I am against animal testing, that's for sure.
I'm sure though, if this is the only solution....that it can be done humanely. Primates should see the sky and grass daily... Wish we lived in a much better world sometimes.
I agree its a tough one... but on the other hand, I think, our systems (animals and us) are similar but not the same, so we respond differently to things, why not test on humans? how would we like that? at the end of the day we are trying to find a "cure" to our illnesses.

I know its a bit of a dilemma, hard to justify but also hard not to. But, then again, there is so many diseases that many years ago were non-existent until all these random testing began. the world sometimes seems too complicated for me
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