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Originally Posted by LoveCharlie View Post
That is actually pretty funny

We used to joke and say Charlie wouldn't go in the water because he didn't want to mess up his pretty hair. He'd sit and watch all the other dogs play in the water. He's sometimes put his paws in but never went for a real swim.

Another funny thing is that the little boy on the picture was there with his sister and father. I had never met them before. They gave me a weird look when I said "Let's go play in the water Charlie, go get that ball!". The little boy's name was Charlie!!! His father had to explain to him what was going on.
That is very funny!
I was living with my sister and her family and I had a dog named Daffy. My sister's father in law was coming to see us with his new wife and my sister told me NOT to call my dog 'Daffy' as that was the new wife name too. My sister has a daughter who was about 3 yo. My niece came into the living room with a hot dog and her grandfather told her to give the hotdog to Daffy so she walk over to my dog 'Daffy' and her grandfather said " no give it to Daffy, his wife" . My poor niece was getting so confused and I was trying my best not to say my dog name is Daffy too. My sister said the new wife would be upset to know my dog had the same name as her. It was funny.
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