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Originally Posted by LoveCharlie View Post
He's a cocker spaniel so the treats won hands down. But he actually really liked the blue toy too. He usually doesn't get to play with any toys made of fabric because he shreds them in seconds. The only reason I got it for him is because he started swimming last weekend and since he really likes this toy, I will use it to play with him at the lake.

Here's the picture we took of him last Saturday when he decided to show us he could swim. We never forced him to go in the water and it took him 4 years to try it, silly dog
My last dog was a Standard Poodle he did not like the water, and poodles are water dogs. When I threw a ball into the water my dog would wait for another dog to get it. You want to hear something really funny, I knew a duck that would not go into the a kiddie pool and there where3 ducks that loved it. Animals are funny .
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