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Thank you so much Marco, patti, all of you.

I just don't know why this happened - how can these tiny little mushrooms have destroyed her liver so fast??? My emotions are everywhere. Blaming myself. Blaming the mulch - the place where I got the mulch. Blaming the vet that I first took her to on Sunday that didn't really push for me to have bloodwork and charcoal done. I'm so mad that he told me he really felt it was just minor stomach upset and that it had passed. I took his word for it and took Honey home. 30 hours later, she is dying from acute liver failure. WTH?????????

Then I stop blaming and I'm just overcome with sorrow. So thank you for scolding me - I know deep down you're right Marco. I just feel that blaming myself puts some kind of sense to this sensless loss.

Here's my Honey - thank you on her behalf for everyone's kindness.

and sadly, this picture was taken two days before she passed.
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