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Thank you everyone for your kind lights, hugs, and wishes. I'm destroyed over this but it's not about me. My girl is gone and I don't even know what hit me.Two mornings now without Honey. I still need to go out and pull all the mushrooms to keep our remaining Daisy safe, although she isn't interested in them. All she cares about is her Kong - which is a good thing. But these mushrooms everywhere after the rains - there's so many. I look under the bushes and I can't believe how many there are hiding in the dark. Honey used to crawl under those bushes when I'd turn my back for two seconds to pick up a poop. I'd turn around and all I would see is mulch being kicked out from under a bush - Honey was in there digging up all these things. I feel like I am to blame - I had no idea she was getting them under there.

The loss of her is a punishment well deserved. To say that I've learned a lesson somehow trivializes what happened to her. I thought I was getting them all and keeping them safe. I didn't know!!!! I'm so sorry Honey.

Thank you everyone.
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