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That seems cute but my friend's dog was nearly killed in a similar episode when she was boarded, as before, at a local Vet's. No one knows how the two big GSD and the little Keeshond all got out but the two big dogs did their best to kill Marlo. If not for her very thick coat she might have been, according to my friend's own Vet. Most of her body had to be shaved to be sure all her wounds could be found and treated. She was a show dog and shaving can absolutely ruin the coat.

When my furious and sick with worry friend asked how this could have happened the answer was priceless. "Nobody ever got into a fight before!" In other words they KNEW dogs could get out, it had happened before, just there was no nearly deadly fight before.

The irresponsible Vet did pay for all Vet costs at my friend's own Vet.
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