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Originally Posted by 2catsandus View Post
When you say a 50% raw diet, what exactely do you mean? Are you giving your cat human raw meat?
Well no, not actually human meat. More like human-grade bison, venison, chicken, kangaroo, rabbit..... etc. Fully balanced according to feline nutritional requirements, of course.

Originally Posted by 2catsandus View Post
or are you providing a canned food for them? Which one?
I leave canned food out for free-feeding, but his meals are raw. He gets a huge variety: Wellness, Precise, Nature's Variety, Weruva, Ziwipeak, Eagle Pack, etc. I try to limit the higher phosphorus foods but I'm not terribly anal about it. It's more important to me that he maintain interest in his food, and for him that means lots of variety.

Originally Posted by 2catsandus View Post
High protein will elevate BUN in CKD cats. I know cats need protein, but...
There's more to feeding cats than fixating on a specific lab value. You need to look at the whole cat, how they're doing overall. While a low protein diet may indeed lower BUN levels, at what cost to the rest of the cat?

Originally Posted by 2catsandus View Post
We have access to BARF here, but after doing the DMA on it, I found it is the worst of the worst when it comes to phosphorous levels, it's like 3%!!!!!!!! Unbelivable!!!!
There are ways to lower phosphorus levels in a raw diet. If making your own, you can eliminate the bone and use a calcium supplement instead. Certain types of meat, and certain cuts of those types, may have lower amounts of phosphorus. Adding cooked egg white is a great way to increase protein without increasing phosphorus. I'm able to get a large number of commercial raw diets here that have fantastically lower levels of phosphorus without compromising protein.
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