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Mushroom poisoning - my girl is sick!

Sunday afternoon my 12yo B. Spaniel Honey ate a piece of a mushroom in our yard. 2 hours later she was sick - vomited and diarrhea. We rushed her to the Emergency vet with the mushroom in question but couldn't tell us much. He even called poison control, and they couldn't help much either. They both felt through that it was probably just GI distress and she would be fine. They did offer charcoal and and anti-emet, but we declined - she seemed better.

Monday she was eating and drinking normally, acting normally, and didn't seem to be uncomfortable - she even had a normal bowel movement after her lunch. Monday night however, she was unsure about eating, but did. She became very nervous (but she has anxiety disorder with thunderstorms and I knew some small ones were in the area - I gave her the prescribed valium she takes because of thunderstorm phobia to help calm her) And then asked to go outside multiple times through the night but did nothing but slight usual panic with thunder going on. Around 2AM she was VERY ill and woke me up - all liquidy from everything she had taken in during the day - BUT NO blood. I was told to watch for blood, there was none! Just her food, water, and perhaps some bile.

She then wanted water and I let her have some - after being that ill I don't want to risk dehydration. She drank and is now resting - keeping the water down. She doesn't seem uncomfortable at all - there is no lethargy or weakness. It is 3AM and I can't get her into the vet until morning. I am TERRIFIED that I am losing my girl!!

I researched mushroom poisoning and we were all pretty sure it was muscarine poisoning - she had some of those symptoms after ingestion. Could I be wrong? I haven't found any mushrooms on the property that have all the really NASTY properties (Deathcap type) - just mower's mushrooms and some inocybes (which are now all painstakingly removed before by dogs go out).

I'm freaking out - is there anyone out there right now that knows what to look for with mushroom poisoning? 2 hours after ingestions - weepy eyes, salivation, vomiting, and diarrhea - stopped quickly. 48 hours after ingestion quick episode of extreme vomiting (meaning a lot) - liquid contents of digestive system but NO BLOOD. She is quiet now, resting - seems maybe a little restless but not panting or acting upset.

Any help would be appreciated. I'll have her into the hospital first thing in the morning. 5 more hours. It's the best that can be done - I live out in the country far from town with no transportation right now.
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