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So cute.

When we started letting our pup have the run of the house at night we put the dog bed on the floor at the foot of our bed. It had been there for the previous dog but we didn't use it when puppy was kept in the kitchen. I guess Sadie-cat had missed it. The second or third night the bed was back puppy wanted to go to sleep and she was on it. Not just on it of course, but smack dab in the middle, and she wouldn't get up.

Poor little guy, he was only 5 months old, and he had no clue what to do about it. He tried different angles of approach and he woofed at her but she stayed put. Finally he tried lying beside her but it's a drop and flop and a mere 10 pounds of cat made a significant dent in the middle and pushed the Styrofoam beads out to the edges where they formed a hard lump. He wasn't comfortable and meanies that we are all we did was laugh. He went and slept on a small sofa in the room across the hall, a place he was allowed. The next night he went to bed earlier to beat the cat to the bed.
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