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I've had experience with it twice. Like any medication Convenia has a chance to have side effects the problem with this particular drug is that if that was the case and your cat presents adverse effects Convenia remains in the organism for about 2 weeks which can be terrible if that was the case.
Now in regard of my 2 separate experiences (with two different cats) there were no side effects in any case and the medication acted efficiently. You just have to consider the risks and balance them out.
On a side note the first time I didn't know about it and the second time I wasn't at the vet's clinic. If it makes you really uneasy you can always opt for a more traditional day by day treatment. Some vets will administer shots too the problem is you have to take your cat there everyday and although I've been fortunate enough to know vets that will do it for no extra charge that is not always the case. I rather injections because pills are so hard to administer and also hard on the stomach but they have to be done by someone who knows what they're doing.
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