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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Fibreglass insulation? That stuff is Terrible for getting into small spots and itching like the devil. If that was the kind might well have been responsible for the goopy eye and the other itching. Weren't you itchy too?

For the tail, google up on Stud Tail and see what you think. The oiliness and the smell are typical. It's named for being most common in intact tomcats but happens in dogs too and both genders of both species and also in neutered as well. I know someone who swears cocoanut oil helped her dog over it. The GR next door had it and he has got his hair back as well, he just seemed to grow out of it but I know he was on treatment from his Vet too. Sorry, don't know what the treatment was.

Tail Gland Hyperplasia is the medical term.
I was only itchy when I was working right in among the stuff, and the itch more or less went away after a good shower. Eli got two good baths during this time and neither helped the itch and we did everything we could to keep the dogs away from it while it was in the house. It was kept in the front porch where the dogs only go on the way outside, but they were always on leash through there, and in the nursery where we still keep the door shut. The only way I could think of them having any contact with it was when it was being carried the few steps through the kitchen from the porch to the nursery.

I googled Stud tail. The flaky/greasy gunk sounds accurate, but there's really no darkening of the skin or anything and no hair loss.
The first spot also seemed to go away fairly quickly with only a routine of cleaning with mild soap and water,drying it and using some polysporin while it was raw, and wrapping it dry after the rawness went away.
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