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I lied, unintentionally of course.
The food isn't grain free, it has whole brown rice in it, but it's soy,wheat,corn and by-product free.
Still much better than Dog Chow though nutritionally.

Also, my husband said that Cato's eye wasn't goopy that he noticed this morning, so hopefully that's the end of that!

This is Eli's tail this morning. I tried to email myself two pictures, but only this one came through and it's sort of hard to see, but the yellow gunk just kind of clumps on his skin and around the hair. When I rub it a bit with some paper towel it resembles dandruff. There isn't AS much as there was before his medicated bath, and I haven't noticed as strong of an odor, but if this IS Seborrhea, than the poor dude will be dealing with it for the rest of his life and all we can do is manage it.=/

You might have to tip your screen to see the difference lol, but the majority of the yellow gunk is near the middle-left of the shaved area.

Also, these are my babies

Cato, 1 year old.

Still got the baby face<3


If Eli had a choice, it'd be winter all year round.

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