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I will keep an eye on...well, Cato's eye hahaha. Hopefully you're right, but it's weird that it was two days in a row and only in the morning in only the one same eye.

As for Eli, I just gave him a really good bath in a medicated shampoo from Pet Valu used for itchy skin,hot spots and seborrhea(which actually sounds about right for the diagnosis other than it's on his tail and not the usual spots for it) so I'll wait until tomorrow morning to post a picture of his tail, as that's when the yellow gunk is the worst. Right now it just looks like his skin is a little off color/yellowed in that spot; not sure it would show very well in a picture. With any luck, the shampoo will help though, I'm going to start it at once a week(or 2 if he gets really wet/dirty since a yeast infection can develop with soborrhea((if thats what this ends up being)) and we live right near the water,so lots of standing water,swampy areas,dense greenery etc) and decrease it eventually to once every other week for maintenance.

As well, once this bag of food gets low, I found a much better brand of food I'd like to switch the boys to without grain,corn,gluten I believe and fillers just in case it's a recently developed food allergy, and the best part, it won't break the bank lol
Hopefully it's that simple.

Will post a picture tomorrow!Wish the poor "little" guy luck!
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