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2 dogs, 2 issues

Okay, so number one;

my 1 year old, Cato is a German Shepherd/Akita mix. Just yesterday I noticed that he woke up with one really goopy/watery eye. I wiped the goop away and inspected his eye, nothing in it that I can see, and it didn't seem to bother him at all. No redness, the goop was just white/clear and it was perfectly fine the rest of the day. Same thing happened this morning though, just not as bad. Same routine wiped it, checked his eye, nothing that I could see and so far, no goopies are back and it's not bothering him.
Both the dogs like to crawl under our bed(it's home made and high up, we really need to get around to closing it off so they can't get under it) so I thought maybe it could be dust or something under there, but in only one eye?
Also, our other dog(whom is Cato's biological father if that makes a difference) isn't experiencing the same symptom.

Second; Eli, our other dog is Shepherd/Akita and 2.5 years old.

Several weeks-month ago, we noticed he started itching a lot more frequently, his truck,one paw,armpits and tail mainly. At that time, we had just switched their food, so that's a factor, but we had also been doing some renovations and tracking fiberglass insulation all through the house for a week or two, as well as that was when we really got the big shift towards the nice warm summer weather. All factors.

Now, after a few weeks on the new food, they weren't really impressed, so we switched back to the food they've both always been on (just purina dog chow) because they've never had issues on it at all and always been very healthy. This was within the last week or so that we switched back so we're waiting to see if there's improvement from that.
We also finished the renos and cleaned the house really well about 2 weeks ago, so no more insulation, and we noticed that after a few days, Eli stopped itching so much.(Cato was itching some too and all but stopped) Eli no longer licks his one paw raw, his armpits don't seem to bother him either other than the occasional itch, but his poor tail.

He's chewed it near raw in two spots. No hair loss or anything from it, but the skin when I first inspect it will be a little raw with yellow crusty stuff(almost like dried wound discharge, but there's no cuts or anything? and it's slightly foul smelling) so I shaved the two spots down(he has REALLY long thick hair) so I could clean it really well, applied some polysporin and wrapped it. After about 4-5 days, the first one more or less went away and it doesn't seem to bother him. It's still a little flaky though. The second one is getting there. No longer raw but I still have to clean away the dense flaky stuff in the mornings and re-wrap it and it's looking a bit better. Still bothers him though. Also, before the yellow flaky stuff made an appearance, when I caught him chewing it, if I rubbed the skin where he was chewing it felt oily, but then after giving it a couple seconds on my finger, it felt sticky, then a few seconds after that it would just go away. It was weird.

I've ONLY seen this on his tail. No other spots, even the other spots he occasionally chews like his haunches. Any idea what this could be?
Already checked for fleas and ticks and mites.
Tried him on Benadryl for several days, 1mg for every 1-2lbs of weight, I didn't really notice it making a difference, plus that's a lot of benadryl to be giving a dog since he's 100lbs so I don't want to do that.

Any ideas you can give me before spending another several hundred+ dollars at the vet would be great!
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