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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
Marty use to play with a husky and my dog is a mini poodle mix , he is always trying to protect me from big dogs. I think Marty really needs some eyes glasses so he can se just how big the other dogs are. I use to take Marty to a park that has off and on leash hours . I took him during the hours dogs had to be on theirs leashes but there are some dog owners that just feel the rules do not reply to them and two huge dogs when after Marty and kept knocking him over. The person with the dogs did nothing, so I stop taking Marty to that park as it just to risky for my dog.
Your dog has beautiful fur , it's so thick looking.

I wish there are more off leash park separate big breeds and small breeds. There is one near my house doesn't separate dog sizes. I had the same problem with yours. But it was in the off leash park, I could do nothing with it. If it is not a off-leash park, you can absolutely to require them to put leash on their dogs.

As long as Pinky doesn't get hurt, she can play with whoever she wants! I've seen a teacup yorkshire was growing with a husky. They are actually fine to play with each others.

Your Marty must be cute too! He still has half poodle blood anyway.
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