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well I do believe Maddie has found her new home Amazing actually. I thought she would be all scared and snarling, boy did she surprise me.

Took her to new home, brought her in the cage, opened the door and she just sniffed around a little then the lady bends down and scoops Maddie in her arms. I thought Oh no, gonna be a hissy fit. But no Maddie just stayed in this ladies arms, purring. No hissing, snarling or fighting to get away. She stayed that way for 10 minutes and then when the lady let her go she tried to get behind her on the seat to lie down for a nap...gee's who is this cat)

I guess some cats know who their owners are and I'm sooo glad we found Maddie's, she'll be well loved and have lots of company, they were both lonely souls that found one another.

So a happy ending, I shall miss her but knowing she in a better home with the love she so deserves makes it better.
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