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Originally Posted by Jull View Post
Maybe more like, "you are sleeping in my bed"...

Its funny, this morning it was pouring rain outside, and even though Guero could care less, Bestia refuses to take care of business if its raining, he went out and came back immediately... next thing we know he was down in the basement taking a poop... N was looking at him so mad and all I said was .."Dear diary..." he had no option but to laugh.

Don't get me wrong I don't approve of Bestia pooping inside, but normally we do have a training pad down there on that spot, as it has happened before, and I rather he knows there is a spot where he can go without being in trouble and not have to worry about "holding it in" unnecessarily and then be in for bigger trouble. Ha! the good part too, is that since they eat raw their poop does not stink and of course it also helps that he is only a 5lb dog, if he was a bigger dog then it would be a different story.
Now that is one for the diary , Dear Diary guess what I did today , HEHE.
Yeah Marty just might think it his 'bed' as he is always sleeping on my pillow and when I wakeup I will sometime find Marty with his head on my pillow too. That is a good thing you do have a small dog , what if you put boots on your paws would he mind walking in the rain?
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