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two male dogs

does any 1 have any more advice or a final outcome.. ihave 2 male dogs from the same litter.. theyre just over a year old.. theyre westie .. border terrier cross..... they hav recentley started fighting wildly n i ended up in hospital with bites to my arms. when i stepped in to stop them.. they werent attacking me just accidentley... i watch for all the signs..and do all i can to avoid them doing this.. i ended up with the dogs thru bad advice but i love animals n want to the best thing for them...weve had them since pups n i hav 5 kids and the dogs are great with... ive been told about hormone injections by the vet.. is this a good idea... and does any1 have any good advice or is ther no happy outcome even thru time and perseveerance...thanks
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