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Would you possibly be able to borrow a humane trap from a local rescue group? They might also pay for or subsidize the neuter. He'll be fathering an awful lot of kittens over the summer otherwise.....

I'm in the process of getting information on the neuter/release program. As far as I know it's only for colonies. I might be able to borrow a live trap and it looks like the spay/neuter clinic will take him the day I catch him. I just need to find out if I can get a program to pay for it. I just spent $600 in vet bills on Friday, 1 cat spayed and another had to be stitched up after ripping open her hind quarter.

The poor guy has been hanging around here for a week, as Maddie was in heat, now fixed. I figured if he was here he wasn't getting anyone else pregnant. Maddie is in an enclosure, they would sit and stare at each other.

So I'm working on it, don't need any more kitties) in the neighborhood, only brings around the coyotes and foxes.
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