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Well, they said that an MRI might rule out other things, or might detect certain things that a CT scan wouldn't (very small tumours for example)... But if it was cancer in the brain, there is nothing they can do. An MRI here is done at a human hospital, and cost is around $2000. We've already forked out close to $4000 just to try to get this diagnosed and so far have been unsuccessful. We just don't have the means to get the MRI at this time.

They don't think it's cancer, because he gets better in between episodes. Again, anything is possible. It's just very frustrating not having any answers... I've taped the episodes in the hopes that someone out there has seen this before. Students at the college want to do a project on him, since it's such an unusual case. ugghhhhh

Tics are really rare where we live. I've asked them about it, and they don't think it's that. Also, we've checked around to see if it could be a toxin, but haven't seen anything. Also, with toxins, they would usually show some gastrointestinal signs - vomitting, diarrhoea, etc., which he hasn't had at all.
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