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So as promised here's the update on my little Lilo (who's a 10.5 year old, 18 lbs lhasapoo btw):

We decided to leave her in our kitchen (which was fully doggy proofed) and gave her a Kong with treats in it (and we gave her a long walk before leaving so she'd be tired). We also made sure to leave so there was no big show about leaving and how much we'll miss her just walked out and shut the door behind us.

Now before I continue, you must understand that our kitchen has 3 entrances to it. One door is able to be closed and locked, the other door is one that you push to close but can't lock and the one entrance has no door on it.
So we shut both doors (and put a heavy book holder behind the door that doesn't lock, think of a box that has about 15 hard cover encyclopedia's in it). We also put a locking baby gate with 2 chairs and cardboard behind the door way with no door(incase it fell over).

So we come back after about 30-60 mins time and come home to what appeared to be a clean and blood free kitchen... only when we started investigating did we notice that she had pushed the door with the book holder and then ran into the next room (which had closed the door to). Now that would have been okay but..... then we noticed that she had chewed the door to the next room at the bottom and scratched it to pieces. Then we went back to the first door (the one with the book holder behind it) and noticed she had chewed and scratched at the door on both the front and the back!

Even though we only got her about 2 and half weeks ago we've already fallen in love with her and it breaks our hearts to think we might have to give her back to the rescue we got her from to find a family that will be home ALL day but... we're running out of options. We're a family where there's someone home most of the day except for about 3-4 hours at most when we need to run errands or something.

That being said, If ANYONE has ANY more advice or tips I'd LOVE to hear it!

P.S. Now that Lilo has ruined our lovely doors she's peacefully sleeping at my feet (hard to be mad at her when she's so cute and sad looking).
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