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Thank you both for your ideas, it is much appreciated!

We don't want her running loose in the house because we were told in all the dog training books that it's better to crate your dog and because of this we wanted her to be crated.

We don't know if she's destructive left alone in the house to roam but we also don't want her to have problems in her crate.

The foster mom had told us that she had crated her at night for the 2 weeks she had her so we thought she would be okay being left alone for a couple hours during the day...

And as for giving her a treat in the cage to make it an exciting thing to go into it... the previous owner gave her too much table scraps (which we are NOT doing) and she's a couple pounds over weight with food allergies to meat so it's not a good idea to give her treats if we're trying to get her to lose weight (which is unfortunate because it might help the training)

PS. her previous family was an elderly couple where the wife passed away and the husband got a girlfriend (who had 2 dogs of her own) after the wife passed and the girlfriend told him that she wouldn't be with him unless the dog was gone. BUT I completely agree with you that dogs don't deserve to be dumped once they get older
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