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Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
Oh ya, she has little devil horns in there too!! She is just the most impossible little poop!! She's super smart though and she knows exactly what she can get away with and just how to push my buttons. Honestly I was watching show jumping this morning and there she is trying to catch the horses on the tv! Like c'mon Noella, 99.9% of the time, she doesn't pay any attention to the tv! Of all 4 though, she always comes when she's called and always answers you when you talk to her, although I think alot of the time she's telling me nicely where to go
My last dog would stand right in front of the TV when I watched Nightly News with Brian Williams and my dog would have tennis ball or toy in his mouth . He stood so I could not see the TV or the closed caption , I really think my dog was jealous that Brian was getting my attention and not him!
I loves smart pets , but you do have to keep one step ahead of them
I bet Noella knew you where really was enjoying the horses and had to bug you. I have to LOL you saying she is telling where to go, I get that a lot too from Marty . He give me the cold shoulders once in awhile and have nothing to do with me. I am the one in the dog house . Don't you just loves your pets , I could not lives without a dog or cat.
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