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Sorry you're having these problems but thank you for adopting a senior. Honestly if she's 10 and has never been crated she probably doesn't need it. What we think, is not always what is best. Could you not give her a bed to sleep on in your room at night. My two older dogs just took to their beds at bedtime and never moved. My last dog has seperation anxiety and was also diagnosed as claustrophobic so couldn't be crated. Perhaps your new dog is claustrophobic hence the trouble with the crate.

Give her a chance to prove herself trustworthy at night unless you have been told something that you didn't share with us. The poor girl is no doubt traumatized by being rehomed at that age anyhow - you are adding one more very hard challenge to her life. She will reward your trust and love if you give her the chance.

Do you know why her previous family decided to bail on their commitment to this senior? I could never part with my old girl (or the young ones to be honest), they deserve so much more than to be dumped in their old age.
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