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Sorry I have been a little lax on the updates...have been so busy.
We have 2 chicks this year! woo hoo! They are doing well so far. It looks as if we might have 1 male and 1 female but it will take a little more time to see how big they finally get. Next week is banding week and if anyone is interested it is shown live on the webcam. Madame X and Surge defend their nest every year this happens and become rather agitated and vocal. ONe their chicks come back with their new banding jewels things will calm down.

Two of the eggs laid were not viable and one still remains in the nest. Mom will likely remove it at some point.

Here is an un update from the site:

TOGETHERNESS June 14, 2013 - The youngsters continue to do well. In the picture, taken yesterday at 09:25, if looks as if No. 1 is sharing a bit of food with No. 2. Are they female and male? We won't know until banding takes place next week, and even then may be a bit unsure. Gender is determined mainly by a combination of weight and age. Females are always larger and therefore heavier. However, a few birds thought to be male in the past have turned out to be female, and occasionally vice versa. We'll see. Stay tuned!
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