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Hi everyone, thanks for the replies.

Yes i really want to get him a skin test and a blood test. He has never had a blood test and he is 4 years old now, so i want to make sure he doesnt have any other issues such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism. I will try to see about getting the skin test too. I'm not sure how to get a blood test, though. The vet tried and said Rimley struggled too much. Maybe we can try it with me in the room as well, he might not panic as much.

Right now Rimley eats the dry food brand "Now" which contains turkey, salmon, and duck.
I have just heard that maybe the food might be not so great for him, so i might have to try a wet food that is good for cats with food allergies. Does anyone know of any good wet food brands for allergies?

I will definitely check up with his breeder and see if she has seen this in any of her other Abys. Thank you for telling me this, as of now i havent been able to find any information on this type of skin issue. I have had a lot of trouble trying to figure out if it was hairloss or pigmentation change, or both. Some parts look like a pigmentation change, and others look like hair loss. I will try to get some better quality pictures at the right angles.
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