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Originally Posted by Bandittodd View Post
My Chi Pin had bronchitis also but my vet is now saying he might have a Tracheal collapse which would require surgery $ 4500.00 But my vet is saying that he should be ok keep him out of the heat and don't get him too excited I just wanted to find out if any boby else was told that
The vet said nothing about my dog needing surgery for his Tracheal collapse, Marty does needs surgery for his knees as they keep popping out of joint , I was told this is common with small white dogs. You should try getting a second opinion from a vet at another office. I wonder about vets something, I had one vet say my last dog had a heart murmur and that he needed a x ray and surgery right away, my dog was a hearing dog , any dogs that any health issues are not trained to be working dogs. I asked 3 other vets about my dog heart and they said it was fine.
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