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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I did not know bears could lift a whole window shield out a car.
I haven't seen it myself but on the same canoe trip above we got storm stayed for some hours at a camp owned by an outfitting company. The building was pretty new looking and it was absolutely ruined inside. The only things not pushed over, ripped open and yanked right off the walls were a couple of canoes and motors stored up high in open, exposed rafters.

The stove and fridge were knocked over, the kitchen cabinets were off the wall and the counter top with the sink in it was ripped up. There was food scattered all over. The porta-potty was outside and partially eaten. And one whole window, intact and in it's frame, had been lifted right out of the wall and was on the ground as if it had been placed there. Not broken. It was frightening to see and we were awfully glad when the wind let up and we could leave. It was probably the same bear.
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