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So cute, so smart.

Amongst our canoe tripping friends there are two theories of how to treat your food overnight at a campsite. One is to bear-bag it up high suspended on a rope between two trees where the bear cannot get it. The other is to leave it on the ground well away from your tent and your canoe in hopes that the bear will find it and not go looking elsewhere, like your tent and canoe. That way at least you are safe in the tent and still have the canoe to get away in, though you might be awfully hungry.

We always bear-bagged but there was an incident at a campsite just a few nights after we left it where a bear looking for food did rip open a tent with a person it. The person cut his way out the back, rounded up his partner who was in another tent and both fled to the middle of lake in the canoe. They spent a miserable, cold night there. Everything they owned that was not in the canoe was pretty well wrecked. Other canoeists helped them out the next day.

So if the people who owned the truck left the doors open on purpose, perhaps that was wise. Black bears have been known to lift windshields right out of vehicles in search of food.
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