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Thanks all for the comments. I'm no photographer like Marko and Rik and RickC, but I try my best with my little camera. It's good enough for me.

Hazel, Halo does try to stop the fights sometimes, but she's not generally around the pups unless I'm there also, so she usually has me for backup . I'm hoping that Lupa will cool down a bit when she gets spayed this week - we had planned to wait another month, but her sister has gone into heat already so we're booked for Wednesday.

GF, I am in awe of Nikki's head to tell you the truth. Lupa has such a little princess face, very fine lines, when Nikki pokes his nose under your arm you know you've been poked! His muzzle is that of a grizzly bear. I love it. You were so right when you said he had real boy features when he was a "little" puppy.

I need to try and get a picture of his goofy tongue. I have decided it will always stick out a little bit when he's not paying attention. It's just a part of his unique character to me now.
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