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Is Long Term Use of Rimadyl Safe?

My dog, Kellie, suffers from hip displasia and arthritis. She had an episode last September (2012) that caused me to take her to the emergency vet late at night. She had been playing (jumping back and forth on the patio) and apparently hurt herself. The trip to the emergency vet resulted in her being placed on Rimadyl -- 100 mgs. She takes it everyday, but now I've cut her back to 50 mg per day -- with Gabapentin as a rescue medicine. She's doing great with 50 mg per day and uses Gabapentin if she's overdone it during playtime.

Kellie is a senior dog (almost 9) and will probably need pain medication or an anti-inflammatory for the rest of her life. I'm concerned with the long term use of Rimadyl as I've heard it may cause liver damage with prolonged use. Kellie has been on it now for about 9 months. Is it safe to continue with Rimadyl long term? Should I try another pain medication or anti-inflammatory?
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