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Waiting on Vet Call - Advice Would Be Appreciated!

Hi All,

New here. I have an 18 year old blind/deaf pug named Alfred. He's a sweetie. Obviously with his age come many problems, he has to wear a diaper, he doesn't like to walk far, he has "mystery" allergies (8 vet visits later and still no answer), he has arthritis in his back (on cortisone once each other day)...what else? Dental...very bad teeth. Anyway, this is all manageable so far. His appetite is awesome and he acts like a little puppy.

Lately his anxiety is worsening. He whines so loud that it wakes us up continually at night. I try to soothe him, give him a little chamomile tea (he loves it and it calms him)...I can't have him in the bed due to boyfriend allergic to dog's getting to the point where it's worsening our quality of life. To non-pet owners this sounds selfish, but anyone who has gone through this knows...we need sleep too.

The vet suggest (gasp) euthanasia. We can't give him sleeping aids because of the cortisone he's taking - it's already likely not good for the kidneys/liver - and I prefer to keep him on that because it keeps his cough/congestion at bay....I've tried every remedy in the book, natural and homeopathic. Can't walk him more than 3 times a day or his legs stiffen...I try to play with him as much as possible but he tires so quickly.

He seems to live mostly "in the dark" due to his blind/deaf condition and also that I need to keep him caged most of the day for his protection from bumping into walls etc...I feel as though I'm helpless to make him comfortable and happy.

Anyway, I guess this is kind of a vent, cry for help, request for compassion and or/ personal advice from those who have been through this or are going through this.

The vet is calling on Monday, I have to ask her what more she can do to help the anxiety and insomnia, I'm stuck at this point. I know he's old and has outlived his expectancy...but euthanasia? I don't think he's ready yet. The bf is of no help...he says he's too emotional to talk about it...thanks dude...don't you think I am???? (little rant there). I don't know who to talk to about this, it's kind of tearing me apart mentally and physically right now, from frustration at not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time at night...

Thanks in advance,
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