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I'll try the toppers. So far my boy has eaten a few licks of wet and now he's decided that raw patty I offered yesterday is not too bad today....go figure. So I'll try the raw again in a couple of hours and see if I can't get some more into him. As for my girl, she going to be difficult. It's location location location for her. She has to be comfortable, no other cats around no kitchen noises etc etc. I'll be glad when she starts losing her hearing, she'll be much happier. I'm hoping the topper will entice her, she's the worst snubber.

As for the kittens, one loves the raw the other not too keen and the interesting part is the ones who love the kibble go for the raw. So my skinny boy wants kibble or raw, I di believe I read somewhere that it's not a good idea to mix them to close together.

Oh well I will persevere

Now if I could get them to stop growling and hissing at each other
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