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Is the Orijen a cat treat, not dog treats? I will have a look around and see if I can find them

What brand and flavours of canned do you feed? How often do you rotate the flavours?

Wellness - turkey and Salmon, some have had this before.
Wellness - beef and chicken grain free
Blue Wilderness
Nature variety grain free wet, try to find the raw to see if I can continue with the ones that are interested in raw
Hounds and Gatos
Natural Choice - Petsmart brand and their Nutrience
Fancy feast and Special kitty, I was feeding Special kitty fish ones as a once a day with the dry.

If they snubbed their noses at the food I would try another one. I'm a worrier, especially with my boy who almost died a couple of years ago due to not eating.

Today I just fed everyone Spot's Stew - Halo and of course everyone but my two weight losers ate it all up. But only a tablespoon each. How do you get them to eat more at each sitting?

Anyway I think I fed too many different choices, of course the kittens had a field day, they loved it.

I think I should stick with just a couple of ones, just need ones that come in larger cans feeding 8 cats with those little cans is very expensive, hence I'm trying to get onto the homemade food.

Any advice is appreciated and should I be worry about the weight loss?
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