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Just came on to empathize. We went that route too, and of course the senior cat who most needed the wet food is the one who wouldn't go for it. The other two think it's great.

However, by chance I discovered that the one did like the canned recovery food at the Vet's so we bought some of that. It's very high in calories and quite expensive but she would eat it, though less than would be needed if it was regular wet food.

From there we were able to get her over to regular canned food but she never did eat enough of it and did lose weight she didn't need to lose. By this time she was an old cat, given her history old for her anyway, so if the continued weight loss was strictly due to the canned we couldn't tell. We tend to think not though, because by then she wouldn't eat much of the kibble we resorted to either.

Good luck.
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