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Cushings disease in dog...maybe?

Possible Cushings Disease in Dog
So my poor old dog (12 years old) has been suffering for almost 3 weeks with diarhea and I took him to the vet on Monday and had blood work done. Apparently his liver enzyme levels are "through the roof" so I was given a few options for next steps to confirm cushings. First, they put him on Tylosin and some special canned food for a few days to help his tummy but he doesn't eat it all the time (not a breakfast eater). The diarhea hasn't improved at all and now that the canned food is done, he doesn't want to eat his normal kibble.

As a bit of background, cushings was suspected a year ago but at the time I could not afford all of the expensive tests to confirm it. To compare his liver enzymes from then to now, they've increased.

I'm wondering if diarhea is a symptom of cushings and what, if anything can be done to "clear it up" while we go through the process of diagnosing him.

Also, what is the quickest way to confirm the disease and location of disease without breaking the bank? I'm seriously at a loss here and don't want to see him suffer, it can't be comfortable.
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