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@BarkingDog - He really didn't say. He just said that her stomach was pretty distended. The good news is, she hasn't thrown up again since starting the medicine.

@MaxaLisa - Funny thing is, before I took the two medications home this time, I asked if there were any risks or side effects. The vet said no, yet I get home, do some reading, and one is not okay to give it to her because of the liver issues. Pretty concerning, imo.
Anyways, the vet did mention something about starting vitamins for liver support. I just looked up the one you mentioned... it doesn't seem to be specifically targeted towards dogs... how do you figure out the dosing?

The other thing I'm wondering (and maybe there is somewhere better on the forums I can ask this), is about home cooking. It seems she's been having a lot of trouble with solid kibble for a while, and right now she's on a canned vet food which she is doing okay with. Problem is, it costs about $22 for 3 days of food, so it's not a long term option. I'm willing to home cook for her, but am not sure how to work around getting the right vitamin balance... especially with the health issues she has. Any ideas anyone?

I have a few books, but some of them I'm not too sure about. And I'm not sure any of these books mention specifically making balanced food that supports liver function.
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