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They are a blast)

Would losing 1 pound on a 12 pound cat be too much in less than a month? She's a tad overweight as it is. As for the boy, he's thin now and can't afford to lose any weight. He's only 8.8 pounds down from 9.6 a few weeks ago.

I don't want to do the vet visit with the $$$$ of blood work if I don't need to.

Should I give in to free dry at night and just wet during day or just give those 2 dry? They are such small eaters. Rosie I fed almost every 2 hours yesterday to try and get some food into her..sigh I doubt I got a small can of wet in her.

Anyway I'm trying to hold out. Gonna go get my boy in, maybe he "found" something tasty out there)
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