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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
I dont think tpaeworms are really contagious but if you ingested a flea from the same carrier you may possibly get one. I think the care your referring to Barkingdog is for worms such as whipworms, hookworms etc. A tapeworm lives inside the body until it is fully mature and then the tail section breaks off and exits via the dogs stool.

If you google tapeworms and remedy's you will see some interesting homemade remedys. I would highly reccomend getting the problem dealt with at the vets. Many years ago my two cats got a tapeworm and the vet gave them both a needle to get rid of it and it killed the tapeworm. It did not come back. I am assuming that you have not siccessfully killed the tapeworm.

Good Luck and let us know how you make out.
then the whole house will have to cleaned very good to get rid of all the fleas , if the OP decides to uses fleas bombs they should be sure to turn off all their gas appliances. I knew a woman that set off 13 fleas bombs in her house and when she got back home she found her house blown up! She did not turn her gas off. I do remember my dad telling me the head can grow into another tapeworm. YUCK!! My dad had to drink a lot of very strong booze as there was no place to buy anything pills in the jungle .
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