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Morning everyone,

There's good news, and bad news. Good news is, it may just be ulcers. She was on Rimadyl for a few weeks because she has arthritis and had injured her leg... we suspect this could be the cause. She's on medication to help coat her stomach, and was doing really well yesterday (eating again). This morning I was half-asleep, and accidentally fed her 15 mins after meds, rather than 30 (like I'm supposed to), and I guess it upset her stomach. She's all unhappy and her tummy is kind of bloated. She's back to not wanting to move around much, even getting her outside is difficult. I'm hoping this will clear up by tonight.

The bad news is, some of the blood work is abnormal. In the past, her liver enzymes were elevated, but as of the full blood panel she had on Monday, the enzymes are double what they were. They want to test things again in a few months, because we don't know if the extra elevation is caused by the Rimadyl or not.

The thing that annoys me, is that they knew she had abnormal liver results in the past... I'm not sure why they prescribed her Rimadyl in the first place. They had also given me another medication with this stomach coating one - I did some reading, and it's also not appropriate to give to dogs with liver issues. When I mentioned this to the vet, he didn't say much, except that if the package was unopened, and she wasn't vomiting anymore, I could bring it back for a refund.

It's really aggravating.
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