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Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
Peta does the jobs no one else has the guts to. The believe all animals should live and die with respect and dignity the teason they have such a high kill rate is that hey will accepot any animal inlike the agencies around here that wont accept any
You really need to look into this. PETA employees went to shelters to collect adoptable puppies and kittens with a verbal promise to the shelter workers that they would find adoptable homes for these babies. Most of them never made it out of the parking lot alive.

When Michael Vick was tried and a judge was tasked with deciding on the fate of the dogs collected from his property, PETA petitioned the judge to have every dog euthanized. Fortunately, for the dogs, the judge made a very different decision.

Try googling some different animal welfare topics with PETA. I think that you might find that their actions speak louder than their words.

As for where their money goes -they have a very large team of expensive lawyers and Ingrid certainly isn't preaching her message for free. It costs a lot of money to lobby Congress for "animal welfare" laws. It is much cheaper to euthanize a puppy/kitten in the back of a van than it is to hold on to it until a home can be found.
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