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Exclamation INFORMING OURSELVES! of litter made from recycled newspaper PLUS PLUS!

Originally Posted by marko View Post
I don't blame you for being suspicious - it's smart to be suspicious these days. You are smart to read labels carefully - they are written by experts for the purpose of selling the product, NOT informing the consumer in many cases. Vague words are often used when there is something less desirable about the product.

It's not cheap but we use yesterday's news which is made WITH recycled newspaper.

I just researched it and i thought it was made exclusively FROM recycled newspaper. Immediately that brings up the fact that Mcdonald's uses 100% pure beef....but they never tell how much of that beef they use. Maybe it's 1% - no idea.

I haven't verified the authenticity of this email supposedly coming from Nestle...but it seems about right given the vague use of the word "with" on their packaging.

so do read the labels for yourself

(sorry for going a bit off-topic)

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for informing us of this absolutely shocking information! I have also been under the impression that Yesterday's News was made of just recycled paper! And also, I have often been concerned about the ink - lead?, and other "ingredients" in the newspaper. When we purchase i.e. Yesterday's News, and our cats use the litter, the "ingredients" remain on our cat's paws - and then, when they groom themselves and lick their paws, those assorted chemicals are being ingested by our kittys!!

This is a forum to let each other know to be informed, in order to help us care for and protect our very precious pets ! These huge multi million & billion $$$ companies, that we are supporting, by purchasing their products, are very often, misleading us, and they are NOT being honest, in that they are witholding very important information! And this is information that we have a right to!

Marko, please do not apologize! > "sorry for going a bit off-topic". I am quite sure that many other members here, feel the same way that I do - in being very grateful for this website! We appreciate having this wonderful place,! We are fortunate in being able to post our questions, receive replies, and educate ourselves by having the opportunity to share very valuable information with each other. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
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