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Beloved cat Stolen from home in WhiteHorn Area-Location: Calgary, Alberta Canada

My families 1 1/2 year old medium haired cat was stolen from our home on May 27, 2013 at 3:30 am. She is part Ragdoll with a small black body, white underbelly, partial white face, white tuff at the end of her bushy tail, gold eyes with a hint of blue in the middle and 3 of the pads on the bottom of her paws are black, 1 is pink. She is Very affectionate and has fur as soft as silk. She answers to the name Mitzy.

If anyone knows of her whereabouts please contact Brandie at (403)700-2134
or at (403)701-5236

A $50 reward will be given to whomever brings her back home, safe and sound.
We just want our Mitzy back!
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