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Originally Posted by pbpatti View Post
The Edmonton Humane Society uses wood pellets and boy the smell is so much nicer! Check out your hardware stores as well as the pet stores. I went into Rona a while ago and you can buy an 18 lb bag for about $5.00-$8.00. Far less expensive then the pet stores. It is not treated and fine for feline litter boxes.
I am now hesitating on purchasing them, because unless I can find wood pellets that have information - written on their bags, assuring me that their product has not been treated, I absolutely cannot take a chance, and assume, or believe the salesperson at the store where it is sold.......I have become mistrustful of many industries (i.e. the many cats who died or became very ill from the incident involving China and the cat food, pet food recalls, etc. etc. Also, although we may enjoy the scent of wood pellets, our kittys may not, plus I believe for cats with asthma and other breathing related illnesses, scented products are definitely not recommended.
from an article by a Vet Dr. Fox: "Wood pellets (and also cedar chips/shavings) may contain dioxins and other potentially toxic chemicals, especially if made from treated lumber, and their absorbency of cat urine may be poor."
I do appreciate your reply - thank you!
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